$12,000 Impressive Log Cabin That Everyone Is Drooling Over

$12,000 Impressive Log Cabin That Everyone Is Drooling Over

This plastic living wooden house comes at the low prices of $140 - $350 USD per square meter. This could be a very affordable option when it comes to building your own house from scratch. This prefab log home building model is a nice sized house that would work as a family home or a nice vacation house. This model includes plenty of windows, as well as an interesting shape and design and a lovely patio that would be perfect to sit out on and enjoy being outside. The colours they chose show that you can make your log home kit whatever shade you like. In this case, they chose a dark brown paint with white trim. To have a more natural log home look, you can simply just add a stain or simply seal the natural wood to enhance its natural features and colours. The stain and the finish, just like the paint, will need to be revitalized every few years. This maintenance is part of owning a log house and is what helps the home to last for years and years. Some people treat their logs with an oil too, to condition them and protect them from moisture and insect infestations.

For the most part, these log home kits are made up of Russian Pine wood. This wood comes from the Siberian forests and the pine trees grow either at very low altitudes in the North or very high altitudes in the South. Pine is an excellent wood to build with, it is one of the more affordable types of wood, and it is also very light weight. But, pine is also extremely sturdy and can endure high winds and cold weather. Some prefab home kits also include plastic composite materials that are made out of recycled plastics and other recycled materials. This material is easy enough to produce and it is quite affordable too. Plus, it is environmentally friendly since it is keeping waste out of the landfills and putting it to a very good use. Most of these homes are very lightweight, which makes them very affordable to transport, and they are very sturdy as well. The prefab houses made from this composite material are able to create housing for people who need it most. People who live in poverty and who have no homes, or those who have had their homes taken away or destroyed by war or natural disasters. These prefab recycled material houses would be wonderful for our homeless population here in North America too, or just any one who wants a simple, affordable home of their own.

One thing you may wonder about is whether or not you should build your prefab log home kit yourself, or hire on a contractor to do it for you. The great thing about log home building kits is that they are very easy to build yourself if you want to. You don't even need any heavy carpentry knowledge, just follow the instructions that come with the package and take your time. Hiring a contractor is another expense, and it could cost you another big bunch of money. If you build your prefab log home yourself, you can save that money for finishing and furnishing your home. Most people are able to get some help from friends or family members as well, which helps to move the process along. Since each piece is already measured and cut before you get it, all you have to do is put it together. Check out more great log home kit designs on the Alibaba website and see how beautiful prefab home building is.***

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