12 Beautiful MUST SEE Residential Log Homes

12 Beautiful MUST SEE Residential Log Homes

There's something about log cabins, log homes, and log cottages that inspires comfort, sustainability, and a feeling of friendliness. This "Residential Log Home," is a beautiful and rustic design, that leaves the viewer wanting more, as the log cabin home is just so inviting.

This particular residential log home, is beautiful, with a large stone chimney and fireplace, logs throughout, a covered front porch with plenty of log detailing, and it's located in a dense forest, it looks like the ideal dream log cabin. The design firm that built this log cabin is Montana Creative Architecture and Design, located in Whitefish, Montana, this is a leading edge design. The small and highly diverse firm, in Northwest Montana, is dedicated to designing great buildings, they incorporate the rich cultural heritage of the area, with a contemporary perspective. The Montana Creative team makes is a quality firm that can design residential log homes, commercial log designs, resort log homes, hospitality log lodges, multi use log structures, municipal and state log designs, medical and educational log structures. This log cottage, log home, log lodge and log building design firm is capable of covering all your log design dreams in a quality fashion.

Log home designs have always been a popular style of building. Log homes, log cottages, log lodges, and log cabins can be modern, rustic, friendly, comfortable and eco friendly. There are log home, log cottage and log cabin designs to suit every last and style. Log home and log cabins can also be decorated with log furniture, log designs, log accessories and log decor to compliment your natural environment. Log homes overall cost less and can save you money, when deciding to build with logs. Log homes, log cabins, log cottages and log lodges, have been providing people of all ages enjoyment for many years.

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