This Coventry $171,300 log home kits is the thing dreams are made of. The Ironwood log home kits are the perfect log home for entertaining both inside and out with its four convenient entrance and exit doors, and large wraparound outdoor porch designed to accommodate an indoor/outdoor fireplace. The Ironwood log home kits have three faux dormers that are incorporated into the exterior shed dormer wall that opens the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom space. This log home has all of the details that we love about log home living from its massive indoor/outdoor stone fireplace, outdoor covered porch, great room and log railings throughout. This log home kits starts at $106,350 for the pre-cut log package to $185,050 for the complete log home kits package. This stunning log home is 2,222 square feet with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. On the main floor of this log home kits, there is the open great room/dining room/kitchen area, pantry, bathroom, master bedroom with bathroom and covered wraparound porch. Upstairs there are two bedrooms and a loft that opens to the area below. The cathedral ceiling in the great room is perfect for the stunning stone fireplace, making the log home kits feel spacious and grand. A wrap around covered porch on a log home kits is the perfect place to spend time relaxing, entertaining and simply enjoying the view.

There are several things to be aware of when it comes to log house construction and log house packages. While it's exciting to imagine yourself in grand log houses, you will want first to know what budget your working with for you and your family. Knowing your budget is a the starting point for the best log house for you and your family. You dont want to spend hours designing a vacation log house only to find that such a log house construction is not financially feasible. You want to think about things like the great room and the extras that you want like massive stone fireplaces and soaring cathedral ceiling, and whether or not you can afford the master suite with his and hers bath and spa. As much as you may want certain luxuries you may not be able to add all of them at once. Your budget will determine what you can and can't afford. You can keep costs down on log house packages by trimming luxuries, reducing the size of the vacation log house, and staying within the log house manufacturers standard log dimensions. You can also get more log house for the money by doing some of the construction yourself. Log house homeowners are often known to do floor tile work, stain logs, and build decks and patios. You can keep within your budget by keeping to the basics and

The Ironwood is just one of the log home kits you will find on the "Coventry Log Homes" site. The site is a good place to start when you are considering log home kits for sale, with a wide variety of log home kits and designs to choose, there is something to suit most any budget. It's also a good starting point to get an idea of the type of flow you want in your log home kits. With plenty of photos for each log home kits, you can get a feel for what will work for your lifestyle, needs, budget and preferences. You will also get a good idea on how different log home kits can be decorated, the type of log home decor and accessories that people use. With so many log home kits to choose from, there is something to suit most any lifestyle, preference and need. *

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