100% Authentic American Log Home Tradition – from Doorstep to Roof (Click for Floor Plan)

100% Authentic American Log Home Tradition – from Doorstep to Roof (Click for Floor Plan)

Can you imagine sitting on the covered porch of this Sequoia Log Home? This cozy, small sized log cabin is made for relaxing. It offers a welcoming gabled porch, and a larger screened in porch. The living room has access to the outdoor side porch which also has a corner fireplace.This log home floor plan has 1,439 square feet of space, with 962 square feet on the main floor and 477 square feet on the upper floor. On the first floor, there is an open great room/dining room/kitchen that is planned to allow placement of a large dining table for entertaining friends and family. This spacious main level log home floor plan is completed with two roomy bedrooms, a laundry closet and full bathroom with linen closet. The upper level has a large master suite that has two walk-in closets as well as a private bathroom with double vanities. This log home was built by Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes.

Jim Barna, the founder of Jim Barna Log Homes, was involved with construction nearly all his life. As a child he helped his father build their family’s home, and while still a young man, Jim started his own excavating and construction company. But, it was only after returning home from Vietnam that his future in log homes and log cabins began to take shape.When Jim Barna established the Jim Barna log home company in 1976, he made a personal pledge that he would devote his full time and energy to build a log home company that would become the leader in the manufacturing of log homes and timber frame homes and would set the standard, year after year, for the industry. Today Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes is a distributor owned company. They are proud of our rich heritage, and they attribute their success to the team of professionals who make up their log home company and to their commitment to quality, craftsmanship, service and product innovation.Every log home they produce is made with pride in the American tradition. Each is the product of an age-old building concept that has been coupled with the most modern log home manufacturing techniques and expertise.

Some of the details you might want to know about a log home that is built by Jim Barna Log Homes. All of their logs are kiln dried, along with the quality lumber they use. Using quality building materials is important if you want a log home that will be long lasting. All of the logs that are used for each and every log home they produce are select cut, inspected, and graded to TPI standards. After they remove the bark, they are kiln dried to reduce the shrinking and twisting that comes with green or unseasoned logs. Drying wood in a high-temperature kiln also ensures that no insects or larvae will survive the log milling process. Only when logs are dried and stable are they shaped and milled. It is good to know that the logs that are used in your log home build are properly dried, are stable and, with proper care so that they will last for generations.Log homes and log cabins are more popular than ever before. Over the years log home builders have learned to combine traditional log home building techniques with modern technology to build log homes that are better and longer lasting than ever before. Whether you choose a log home that is rustic, contemporary or a combination of both styles, you want to work with a log home builder who shares your vision.

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