10 Tiny Houses You Must See

10 Tiny Houses You Must See

If you love looking at different tiny houses, than these are 10 Tiny Houses You Must See! All of these are just incredible! With so many different designs of tiny homes, there are just so many to look at! Each home is as unique as the person who designed it and who lives in it. These ones are some of the coolest designs I have seen in one post! They are all very practical and laid out really well to suit the people who dwell within. It shows that to go small, you don't have to scrimp on style.

So many of these have even more style that huge houses I have been in. But the nice thing with having a small home is that you try and keep it minimal. That is all a part of keeping it feeling open and airy, and its definitely part of what makes the style of the home too. There are 31 photos of these homes that you can peruse through at your own pace, see all the different designs and lay outs. Maybe if you are looking to buy or build a tiny home or cabin, you can get some inspiration from these ones!

I really love the house starting at 14 through 17. That is especially my favourite one out of them all. The walls are dark, possible a cherry wood, but they don't make the place look too small or too dismal like a dungeon. Its really great in this one how they have positioned everything. Even a little closet buy the shower so that when you come out you can just get dressed and be ready! Such a great design and lay out! The eating nook is really cute as well, with the bed right over top, where the people who live in it can just crawl up into to sleep.

The other one that I find fascinating is the one with the arched roof, the first one that they show! The door is so stylish and really makes a statement right away. Its also really neat that they put a little window right in where the sleeping nook is so that there would be a little more air coming in up there! This gallery is nothing short of amazing and you should totally check it out and pick out which ones might be your favourites! Head over to the 'HGTV' website by following the link in the description below for more!

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