10 Things You Didn't Know about Building a Log Home but SHOULD

10 Things You Didn't Know about Building a Log Home but SHOULD

There are 10 things to know about building a log home before you start spending for it. These will spare you the headache and the drama that could occur in the middle of the project. Whether it is for a hunting lodge or a vacation cabin, building a log home is not going to be easy without these principles. These pointers came from Graeme Mould, an expert in the area of log home building. He is also the President of the Log Builders' Association of New Zealand (LBANZ), who has 25 years of experience running Natural Log Homes.

The first thing that he pointed out in building a log home is to know that there shouldnt be any limits. Don't limit the size, shape and design of your project. Logs are ideal for bigger distances. Mould explained he has built 700 to 1000-square-meter homes to tiny little ones by using this principle. The next thing you should know is that log homes are built to endure the cold weather. This is why you often find log homes in remote and cold locations and its because of their insulation coming from thick logs.

Building a log home requires you to have a conventional builder to help you work out the foundations and floor slab of your project. This is when you will need the help of Graemes team. It will be their responsibility to put up the finished log walls on your site in just a matter of two days. The internal walls and other tasks are then left for the other builders to finish.

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