10 Smart Tricks to Make Cleaning So Much Easier

10 Smart Tricks to Make Cleaning So Much Easier

Who doesn't love having a clean home? I know I do but sometimes there is dirt in places I can't seem to reach or baked on grime that elbow grease just will not remove. This article from Real Simple shares ten helpful tricks to get all those hard to clean places sparkling. What I love most about these tricks is that they use simple materials that most of us already have at home. No need to go spending your hard earned cash on fancy cleaning products when you already have everything you need without spending a penny.

I like to make roast vegetables by coating some roughly chopped root veggies with a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and some herbs and spices. We have roast veggies with our dinner at least two or three times each week, and I always use my glass baking pan. However, every time I roast veggies my pan is left with a film of dark greasy residue that I cannot get off no matter how much I scrub. Now I have a quick and easy solution thanks to these tips from Real Simple.

Ever wonder how to get soap residue off your glass shower doors? Or how to get your silverware sparkling? There are clever answers here for many of life's common cleaning dilemmas.

Slow running drains in the kitchen and bathroom are another common problem, especially for people living in older buildings or houses with outdated plumbing. You will find a simple, common sense solution to help your drains run faster. Special tricks for pet owners, coffee drinkers and television watchers will blow your mind. There is a little something for every one here. I hope you are ready to have a dust-free, lint-free, fresh-smelling, sparkling clean home because that is exactly what is in store for you.

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