Honest Abe Log Homes

Honest Abe Log Homes

If you enjoy looking at log home plans and designs, you'll love having a look at some of the finest log houses from Honest Abe Log Homes. It's hard to imagine that less than 100 years ago, people would have to order a special catalogue from one of three or four log home building companies in the country to look through log home plans and designs. Now, with the internet, easier than ever to find log home building plans and order a kit right online. There are so many different options to choose from too, and with Honest Abe Log Homes, if there isn't anything you like, you can create a custom plan for your dream house. Companies like Honest Abe Log Homes are ready and willing to help you out and get you in the best log house you can imagine. The perfect layout for you and your family, at the best price to suit your budget. They can even tweak their existing plans a bit to create the perfect layout for you.

The log house you see in the photos on the company's Facebook page show an incredible log house design. This home is quite large, with many windows and dormers all around. It definitely looks like a custom build and design, though it may have been derived from one of the log home plans and designs from their collection. The top half of the house is done with chinked logs. The chinking is the white material that rests in-between the logs to prevent air from leaking in or out of the house, so that there's a nice seal created in the walls of the house. The lower half of the house is made from beautiful, natural stones, and was probably created by a talented stone mason. The combination of the wood and the stone makes this house super sturdy and strong, capable of lasting decades. Using these great, natural materials is not only really sustainable, it's quite healthy for the inhabitants of the house as well. Living in a log house has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety in people, plus, they create great air quality within the house. Logs actually filter out a lot of the toxins in the air, making them a great choice for those who experience allergies.

There is plenty of space in this home from what you can tell from the exterior view point. There may be as many as 5 bedrooms in the house, as well as a nice, large living room with a lovely stone fireplace. Imagine curling up next to the fire place, with that great sound and smell of the firewood crackling away. The deck on the home is beautiful as well, making a nice entrance into the front of the house. Perfect for two big rocking chairs or maybe a nice patio swing. They have also created a lot of patio space on the ground level by pouring more concrete all around the house. Nice for the little patio sets they have set out. Honest Abe Log Homes has close to 100 log home plans and designs on their website for you to look through, even just to get some inspiration. If you're not planning on building a log house anytime soon or ever, it's always fun to just have a look at whats out there. This log house is featured on Facebook is one of their larger log houses, but there are smaller log houses and log cabins as well. They have a great search tool that allows you to search for exactly what you want as well.***

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