Eco Pods Modular Off Grid Offices, Garden Buildings And Holiday Homes

Eco Pods Modular Off Grid Offices, Garden Buildings And Holiday Homes

With more and more people wanting to be environmentally responsible, and people downsizing from their large homes into small homes and tiny homes there are more styles, plans and designs to choose from. These "Eco Pods Modular Off Grid Offices, Garden Buildings And Holiday Homes," are just some of the tiny home, and off grid designs you will come across.

Eco homes are becoming a popular choice in home design. With their lower costs to maintain, making them appealing to home buyers. The Echo modules are modern and meet high ecological guidelines, by using sustainable building materials, using an innovative approach to power consumption (solar powers offers electricity as well as heating, while insulation gets help from sheep wool or wool fiber). Each module design is 97 square feet, a great size for an office, or this eco friendly home can be combined with other eco pods to make guest rooms, artist studios, or even a tiny modular home. The eco friendly tiny home design is modern and feels spacious, these innovative off grid homes are an excellent choice taking the worry out of small home building and offering a home that is excellent in design, while reducing your impact on the environment.

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