280 Square Foot Green Cedar Bus Made By A Woodworker’s Son

280 Square Foot Green Cedar Bus Made By A Woodworker’s Son

Full disclosure: my parents were bona-fide hippies. That’s why the pictures of this 280 square foot green cedar bus made by a woodworker’s son fill me with childhood nostalgia. They remind me of a magical decade known as the 1990s—a time when my folks and I were moving around the rural backcountry of the Pacific-Northwest with little more than the clothes on our backs and what we could strap to the roof of our station wagon. Sure, the wilds of the Puget Sound are a far cry from the North Georgia foothills that Josiah Deor-Williams, the builder of the DIY bus conversion, calls home. But looking at the white oak hardwood flooring, mosaic tile countertop, and antique wood burning stove in this modified Dallas city commuter bus is like peering through a looking glass into my own past: the interior could be a stand in for any of the rustic cedar cabins my family settled in during those years.

Of course, none of those rustic cedar cabins had wheels on the bottom of them.

This bus would have certainly blown my parents’ minds, and I envy whichever family gets to take this rolling home on the road for the summer. With fuel and water tanks included the unit weighs in at roughly 20,000 pounds and gets about 11.5 miles per gallon on a long ride. Not bad considering your whole life rides with you. It’s not the Deor-Williams’ family’s first conversion, and it’s obvious from the stunning detail work that Josiah learned a thing or two from his dad. The SunPro greenhouse roofing traps are a nice, modern touch: they capture heat in the bus’s interior and let in sunlight, making it easier to live off of the (electrical) grid. Also useful is the foot pump operated kitchen faucet, which combined with the propane range and three-way refrigerator, makes preparing meals as easy as in any stationary kitchen.

This bus would be a great for a young couple or family planning a cross-country road trip, or anyone interested in green living. The Deor-Williams’ are looking for 15,000 for the bus in order to finance a move to Alaska. Anyone who’s interested should check out the full article at Do it Yourself RV, a great site with plenty of other awesome, road worthy homes, and tips for mobile living. Click the link just below for more pictures and information on this awesome unit at the Do It Yourself RV site.

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