12'x16' Rusty Hinge Log Home (Full Log Profile with Loft)

12'x16' Rusty Hinge Log Home (Full Log Profile with Loft)

Many more people are going back to traditional ways of living simpler lives, which includes the structures we live in and call home. When it comes to log home kits this 12'x16' Rusty Hinge (Full Log Profile with Loft) looks like it would be a great structure to call home. With so many people wanting to go back to a simpler way of living, log building kits are on the rise in popularity, as a way to build homes and cabins. There are so many places that sell them all over the world that kits can be ordered from, including this company, Creasey Homes And Cabins.

This home is a sweet and simple structure that is more on the traditional side of what log homes looked like. The exterior design is very simple yet elegant, and almost story book like. The arched doorway is a nice touch that gives the house a nice country vibe and the darling front porch is something everyone would love to have to sit out on and relax. The kit comes with everything needed to build right away, the pre notched logs and the windows and door. There is even a roof included which has a 25 year life span on it.

The greenery hung off of the eaves is a lovely rustic and natural touch. This log cabin kit can be bought in three different ways, you can purchase the full turn key kit option, which means the costs cover everything needed to have a home that is ready to walk into and live in when it's all completed. Or if you don't mind doing a bit of the hard work or all of it, you can go for the more affordable option which gets you just the bare minimum of materials. An affordable solution for everyone! Head over to 'Creasey Homes And Cabins' by following the link in the section below for this cute cabin and more!

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